A Small Leak Becomes a Large Stain

I was spending some time with the Lord one night all by my lonesome.  I was just quietly waiting for Him to speak.  Suddenly He spoke to my spirit and told me to look at our ceiling.  We had some water damage from a small leak in our roof.  I had remembered that a couple of years prior there had been a small leak but it went away and never came back. I had forgotten about it.  But recently a large storm had come through and a large water stain suddenly appeared on our ceiling.  A day or two after the stain appeared a slow but steady leak began to flow out of the center of the stain.  The issue had to be dealt with.  The Lord began to explain an important principle about sin to me.  Sometimes we allow ourselves to sin in a way that seems small and insignificant in our own eyes.  We don’t deal with it and see no need to change our behavior.  It becomes part of us.  But we aren’t seeing what’s happening on the inside.  A stain is growing on our hearts.  It’s small at first but it steadily grows.  Over the course of time that little sin leak becomes a large stain for all to see.  Then that stain opens up and releases destruction into our lives.  A sin stain is full of small compromises.  Sin is always progressive.  That small leak can look like something different to each of us but it’s always a compromise of some sort and the leak won’t ever get better on its own.  It must be recognized (confession) and fixed (repentance).  What are the leaks in your own heart that started small but have grown into stains?


Jesse Birkey


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