The Formerly Broken Toe!

We were responding to a woman with an injury.  As a firefighter/paramedic, I respond to a lot of those types of calls so there was no anxiety coursing through me at all.  My focus was on something different.

The night before I had listened to some testimonies of people praying over the sick and injured, seeing them healed.  I have prayed over the sick and injured before but I wanted God to give me some extra help.  I asked God to let me know without a doubt that this woman we were about to meet was a believer.  I wanted that assurance before I prayed for her.

We arrived on scene and entered the house.  The woman was on her feet but hopping on one foot.  She hoped over to us.  Her face was twisted in pain.  She told us that she banged her toe on one of her door jams.  I asked her how she did that.  She told me that she was dancing to Christian worship music and wasn’t paying attention to where she was going.

Did you know that there is no prayer that’s to small or unimportant to God?  I asked Him for assurance and He gave it to me.  Amazing!  I could see that her toe was deformed and obviously broken.  We helped her onto the stretcher and into the rescue (ambulance).  On the way to the hospital I asked her if I could pray for her.

Her eyes teared up and she said, “absolutely”.  I prayed for her and for God to heal her toe.  There was no change but I knew I did what God wanted me to do.  She began to tell me all about how she was a brand new Christian and how blessed she was to having another Christian taking care of her.  What a testimony of how much God loves us!

We dropped her off at the hospital and a couple of hours later I was back with another patient.  On my way out I stopped to check on my Christian toe lady.  She was about ready to leave.  I asked her about the toe.  She told me that the x-rays came back negative and that the doctor couldn’t believe it.  The toe was no longer broken!  This event is another anchor for me of faith and hope in the ability of God.  He loves us so much!  Be bold and you will see God do bold things!

What have you seen God do in your boldness?

Jesse Birkey


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