Praying for Brain Cancer

I had an opportunity to pray for a woman the other day that had brain cancer.  She was a stranger in the back of my ambulance.  As I talked with her we developed a rapport. 

The Lord began to press on my heart to pray for the woman.  I thought to myself, “She needs to be healed of brain cancer so I will pray for that.”  But the Lord had some other things in mind.

I asked her she wanted me to pray for her and she replied, “Absolutely”.  As I began to pray for her the Lord began to shift my attention away from her physical need and onto her spiritual need.  The Holy Spirit began to show me the pain and sorrow in her heart.  I began to speak the words the Lord gave me to her as a smile lit her face and her eyes filled, spilling over.  I ended with a prayer for healing. 

 I think sometimes we can get so caught up with praying for someone’s physical healing that we forget about the person.  I think that approach can, at times, short-circuit God’s desire.   I was ready to pray for God to fix the physical need and He reminded me once again that He cares about the condition of our hearts so much more.

I don’t know if the woman was physically healed but I do know that God touched her in the depths of her heart.  God met her in a way she won’t soon forget.  We need to care about the hearts of others first and let their physical needs be met in a way that flows from genuine love and compassion.

What are some things that cause us to misunderstand where God’s attention is aimed?

Jesse Birkey



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