What’s the Desire of YOUR Heart?


Psalm 37:4 speaks of God giving us the desires of our heart.  That sounds great, right?  But is it always a good thing?  I sure thought so until coming upon a verse while doing a Beth Moore Bible study.

And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul (Psalm 106:15)

Wow!  This verse was more than a little troubling to me.  It reminds me of a story in Numbers 11. The Israelites are complaining to Moses about the way that God was currently providing for them.  God finally gave them “the desires of their heart”, so much to the point that vomit came from their nostrils!  (see Numbers 11:18-21)

Do you feel discontent with your job, the car you drive, the house you live in, your finances, etc.?  Do you feel like you will finally be content and/or happy when you finally have XYZ (fill in the blank).  I believe there are times when God simply does not allow us to have the things we want because He knows what’s best for us (especially when in purity of heart we say “not my will, but yours Lord”).  I also believe there are times that we continually ask for things that are not God’s will for us and He allows us to have them.  This may look like a house we cannot afford, an ungodly relationship, a job that isn’t right for us, and so on.

This has happened more than once in my life.  Twice we purchased vehicles that exceeded what we could comfortably afford.  We did not seek God in our decision; we simply wanted what we wanted and went ahead with OUR desire.  Both times, we ended up selling the vehicle and buying a more humbling means of transportation.  I could write all day long about the many decisions that I have made out of discontentment and the consequences that followed.

I believe God’s desire is that we would first choose contentment with what we currently have.  It is not wrong to ask God for the things we want (and don’t necessarily need), but ultimately the heart behind it should be “not my will, but yours Lord”.

Questions for thought:

What are the current desires of your heart?

Are you content with what you currently have?

Have you brought your desires to God in humility?


God Bless,

Kara Birkey


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