Betrayal and Broken Windows


It’s interesting how God seems to bring us opportunities to minister to others in the exact areas we’ve experienced pain and trauma.  God builds testimonies in us for the benefit of not only us but for others who have experienced or are experiencing some of the same things.

One night I found myself in front of a man handcuffed and laying on my stretcher (I’m a Firefighter/Paramedic).  He had been arrested for breaking a window when he found his wife with another man.  He had also cut his arm, which was why I was there.

He was emotional and distraught for good reason.  It takes courage to discuss the areas in which we’ve experienced the most pain with others, especially strangers who are upset and cursing left and right.  I felt the familiar “nudge” of the Holy Spirit to tell the man how sorry I was and that I knew what he was going through.

Just those few words were enough to form a connection.

He looked at me with pain in his eyes and began to share some of his frustrations.  I began to share with him some of my own experience walking through betrayal and gave him the only hope I could, Jesus.  I told him that the only way I survived was because of my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I told him that he’s going to have to find a way to survive and I sincerely recommend the way of Jesus.

It’s in the pain of trauma that many of us begin to consider things that we wouldn’t otherwise.  Despite the anger he was feeling, the words God was giving me were hitting his soul.  His heart was softening.  I encouraged him to seek the Lord, as He is the comforter to those that mourn.  I shared how Jesus rescued me from despair and transformed me.

As we arrived at the hospital, the man looked at me and told me that he was ready to change.  He said he wanted to go to church and asked my partner (a believer) and I for information on local churches.  My partner gave him the info for his church.

It’s important that we recognize we aren’t the only ones dealing with what we deal with.  If God has built a testimony in you He wants to use it to help others.  We must be willing to love others in that way.  Please leave any comments below!  Blessings,




Jesse and Kara Birkey

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