Failed Prayer for Healing



There are times in which we pray for someone in need of physical healing and the person does not get healed.  These can be hard times as we struggle with the “why” questions.  But we must not automatically equate no healing with failure.

On day at work I encountered a woman who had broken her femur.  She tripped and fell and was in a lot of pain.  Those who have broken their femur know what a terrible injury this is.

We gave her pain medicine as quickly as we could and did our best to be gentle as we splinted her leg.  Even with the pain medicine on board it was still very painful on any kind of movement.

It took a little time but we got her all fixed up and into the rescue (ambulance).  On our way to the hospital I was moved by compassion as the Holy Spirit nudged me into action.  I was riding in the back with my partner who is also a believer.

I was actually holding the splinted leg as the road bumps were causing some movement and more pain.  I looked at her and, with discernment from God, asked her if I could pray for her leg.  She looked very surprised and told me that I could.

I put my hands gently on her broken leg and prayed the words God have me to pray.  The praying lasted only for a few minutes and when I was done the leg was still broken but something else happened.  Peace filled the rescue and joy filled the woman’s heart.  She was very touched by the love God showed her in the middle of her crisis.

The rest of the ride went very well as the woman had realized God was there for her even in this.  We transferred her to the care of the ER and on the way out stopped by to check on her.  Her husband was there and sincerely thanked me for praying for his wife.

That simple act of obedience made such a great impact on the couple.  There is a reason-and most likely many reasons-why God nudges us to do things.  In this case the reasons were outside of instant healing but it was by no means a failed encounter.

So be encouraged that if you’ve prayed for someone to be healed and they weren’t, God still did something special.  Blessings,



Jesse and Kara Birkey

Anxiety Gone!


I was in the middle of checking my rescue (ambulance) one morning when a car pulled up to the station.  An older woman got out and quickly told us that her neighbor was in the car in need of medical help.

We hurried over to the passenger side of the vehicle to discover a young woman having a severe anxiety or panic attack.  Anyone who has panic attacks will tell you that they can quickly become completely incapacitating.  The young woman was on the verge of losing control completely meaning the only way to calm her down would be to medicate her.

We helped her to the stretcher and loaded her into the rescue.  We did our routine things like starting an IV and hooking up the monitor, all the while trying to calm her down.  Nothing was working as her muscles began to spasm uncontrollably.

We pulled out of the station and made our way towards the hospital.  The patient’s heart rate was 130 beats per min and she was breathing very fast.  She was also unable to lean back on the stretcher because her body was so worked up.

At that point I felt the familiar nudge of the Holy Spirit asking me to pray for the woman.  I looked at the women on the verge of complete collapse and asked her if I could pray for her.  She nodded her head yes.  I asked her if I could put my hand on her should and she told me that I could.

Over the next few minutes I prayed the words God gave me to pray.  I prayed against the spirit of fear and commanded it to leave.  God also gave me some insight into her life and I prayed about those things.  I asked the Holy Spirit to fill the rescue and rule in her heart.

As soon as I was finished I looked up to see the young woman breathing normally and relaxed against the stretcher.  Her heart rate was 80 beats per minute and the muscles were no longer having spasms!

We talked a little bit more and she had a big smile on her face as we entered the hospital.  A while later I walked by her room to see her sleeping comfortably.


Jesse and Kara Birkey

Always Be Ready

getting ready

I had the unexpected opportunity to pray with a co-worker who doesn’t know the Lord the other day that was really great.  My partner and I had just dropped our patient off in the hospital when my partner noticed one of our co-workers laying in one of the rooms.

There are many people who work for the fire department and, to my recollection, I hadn’t met him before.  But my partner knew him and struck up a conversation.  He told us why he was there and it was a pretty hard story.  The man was going through some pretty hard times.

As we listened I sensed the familiar nudge of the Holy Spirit to pray for the man.  I had a short silent discussion saying, “I don’t know him and I don’t know if he is a believer.”  But the Lord told me, “Pray for him.”

So I looked at the man and asked him if we (my partner is a believer) could pray for him. His eyes widened in surprise and said, “absolutely”.  So I asked him if I could put my hand on his shoulder and he told me yes.

We prayed for him and asked the Lord to touch his heart and heal his body.  I prayed as the Lord led me to pray, talked a few more minutes and then left.  On the way out my partner thanked me for praying for the man and that the two of them have had discussions about God.  My partner told me that God had really been pursing the mans heart lately.

There is great purpose for the things God nudges us to do.  We must take great courage and respond.  We won’t always get confirmation that we did the right thing but sometimes we do.  We must always be ready to be used by God.  He loves the stranger next to you just as much as He loves you and maybe, just maybe, He wants to use you to reach the strangers heart!

Jesse and Kara Birkey

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